Pneumatic Cylinders

The pneumatic cylinder is a device that was mechanically designed to produce force (in linear motion MOV ) from compressed gas. It is also known as an air cylinder. Pneumatic cylinders come in various appearances and sizes and are designed to perform different functions depending on the needs of the market. It is worth mentioning that pneumatic cylinders are part of the group of pneumatic actuators.

There are thousands of industrial applications that require a linear MOV during the sequence of operation. One of the simplest and most economical ways to achieve this is with a pneumatic cylinder . Pneumatic cylinders are also very clean, as the operating fluid is a gas, which prevents leaks from dripping and contaminating the environments. The pneumatic cylinders convert the pressurized air in MOV linear ent. There are many styles of pneumatic cylinders: single or double acting cylinders, rodless cylinders and through rod cylinders etc.

The pneumatic cylinder consisting of a piston and a rod that MOV to within a closed chamber. Still, there is a wide variety of construction techniques and materials to suit a wide range of applications and user preferences. The body materials can be aluminum, steel, stainless steel and even certain polymers. The construction may be non-repairable or repairable. This style of actuator can be subdivided into certain types based on the principle of operation: single and double acting and through stem.

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