Expansion Board

The Expansion Joints have as main function the absorption of harmful movements of a pipe, reducing and also eliminating any type of mechanical vibration of the line. Count on Kilflex do Brasil to find the best expansion joint solutions your company needs.

Expansion joints are protective mechanical accessories, whose main function is to absorb movements that are harmful to a pipe and other parts, reducing as much as possible any type of mechanical vibration that may decrease the resistance of a tubular line. They can be metallic or rubber expansion joints.

Rubber Expansion Joint

The rubber expansion joints have a rubber body and terminals made of carbon steel. They are mainly used to absorb vibrations and harmful movements in pipes, ducts and equipment. They can be built in several different types of rubber, and can serve different segments of the industrial area. A strong characteristic of these rubber joints is their high mechanical and chemical resistance and their ability to absorb axial, lateral and angular movements efficiently and with total protection to the piping. The rubber gaskets can operate in various classes and combinations of temperature and pressure, and are also manufactured in various diameters, ranging from 1 ”to 18”.

The main applications of rubber expansion joints are: Pumps, Centrifuges, Compressors, Condensers, Hydraulic system, Air conditioning system, Cooling tower, Pipes.

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Details of the rubber expansion joint:

Body: rubber

Reinforcement: polyester / Nylon blanket

Ring: carbon steel

Flanges: carbon steel

Height: see table of operating conditions

Flanged Metal Expansion Joint

Metal expansion joints are used in piping systems to absorb movements derived from dimensional variation caused by temperature variations (linear thermal expansion) or derived from the movement of rotating equipment or internal combustion engines such as MWM and Cummins found in auto parts. Another feature of these expansion joints is to soften mechanical noise and compensate for some misalignments.

The body of a metallic expansion joint consists of metal bellows made of stainless steel or steel coated with special alloys, with flanged terminals, solder tips or threaded connections, in various materials and anticorrosive paint coating on carbon steel parts. Its dimensions are variable, being made from ½ ”to 80” in diameter, being able to work in high temperature classes, usually from 180 ° C to 850 ° C.

The main applications of metal expansion joints are pumps, compressors, boilers, steam piping, exhaust gas, etc.

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